Are you practicing yoga but still feel out of balance?


 Then it's time to align yourSELF


Learn the skills to take your yoga practice to new heights of strength, balance and resiliency on and off the mat.

for years to come.

You’re a yoga student, teacher, or practitioner and you want to practice regularly but...

  • Aren't feeling very motivated or inspired.

  • Have an injury and don’t know how to practice.

  • Experiencing changes in your body due to injury or age.

  • Can't find the time.

  • You don’t know what sequence to practice.

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Keep reading if you...

 ✔ Want to get to your mat regularly (but you know you need motivation and support).

✔ Need to change the way you are practicing (but you don’t know how!).

✔ Don’t want to give into aging (instead, you want energy for years to come!).

✔ Want to improve and maintain good posture.

✔ Want to strengthen the connection to yourself and have peace of mind.

✔ Want to learn a method of practice for complete integration of mind, body and soul.

✔ Want to ignite and inspire your practice and teaching.

Your Yoga, Your Life

Learn how to maintain a yoga practice you LOVE — for decades to come.


This is a 5-week interactive online yoga program with personal support to empower you to relieve pain, establish a deeper connection with yourself, foster ease of mind and develop a healthy relationship with your body.



You will...

Establish a consistent practice that fits your schedule. 

Improve your posture.


Build strength and increase flexibility.​​​

Remove back, shoulder, neck, knee pain.

Learn a sequence to boost the immune system.​​

Learn how to release stress and become​ more resilient.

Increase your skills to help your students (if you are a yoga teacher).

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Through practice and intensive sessions with Jen, I had the opportunity to quiet my mind and connect with my body. I felt prepared and refreshed with tools to take on a new chapter in my life.

Veronica Emilia Reyes Apostolas

Why you will love this program


Using a unique guide, you will identify your purpose and create a schedule of practice that suits your life and experience the benefits without having to leave your home.

Postures sequenced to build your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Clear demonstration of postures with progressive and precise instruction allowing for steady improvement  and self study.  

Here’s everything you get when you join 

Weekly 90 minute  live asana classes recorded for your convenience with adjustable practice lengths.


Weekly 45-minute live and recorded pranayama restorative classes. 


Group coaching calls.

Downloadable sequences for specific conditions and issues. ​

 Email access to Jen during the program.


Lifetime access to the program as well as any updates added to the program.  

Plus Bonus Gifts

Yoga Session

You Are Not Alone

We will work together to face arising challenges by approaching a pose progressively so that you will know what you need to keep moving forward.

Inspire Your Teaching

You will look at the asana and pranayama through a new lens and recover the drive that inspires your motivation and learn technique how to support, help and teach others.

When you are 100% focused  your mind chatter stops and you experience a true sense of peace. Through asana practice, you train the mind to be centered and undisturbed.

Empower your learning to take the reins of your physical and emotional health. You will learn how to adapt for your needs and work within your ability as well as challenge your own growth.

About your Guide   

The shift in alignment that I experienced in Jen's classes was thanks to her impeccable eye for detail and the knowledgeable flow of a well-versed teacher.  It gave me postural self awareness and was complementary to my dance training. I highly recommend anyone seeking a deep relationship with their body to grab hold of this teacher and not let go.

Elsanne Barrows, tribal belly dance teacher

Empowered Learning

Clear, Intelligent Instruction

Attain a Quiet and Peaceful Mind

A Practice That Fits Your Schedule

I feel so much more expansion in my body and my mind.  And I feel much more stable and aware in every part of my life. And my heart is more open. I made so much progress!  I started with back pain and after the first few weeks it was gone.  Jen breaks down the poses into steps that no matter where you are you can do some part of it. I had almost given up and now I have a new perspective of my body.  I didn’t think I could practice regularly.  And now I am motivated to do something everyday because it feels so good.  

Gail Tomanelli, long time yoga student

Hi! I'm Jen Kagan 

I believe...

A yoga practice should adapt to your body and keep you healthy for the rest of your life. 

I have created a program so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own, or be on your own. This program specifically gets you to practice regularly and makes sure you stay strong, flexible and more confident — so that you can weather all the curveballs  of life with ease. You get the expert guidance you deserve right by your side.

I have been  practicing yoga for more than 27 years and teaching yoga for 15 years. I am a certified Iyengar Jr. 3 yoga teacher and a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  I also studied 2 years of cranial sacral, somatic-emotional therapy with Amanda Garcia in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I am first and foremost a student and travel to India regularly to study with my teachers.  I'm also a sign language interpreter and spent many years as an actor and director in NYC - these interests have formed my love of language, expression and equality.

I want to share this practice with enthusiastic students because when learned and practiced properly, there is no greater tool for profound transformation and personal growth.

 I was ready to take my Ashtanga practice to the next level.   Jen was able to identify several items at the core of my practice and worked intensively to correct my alignment in numerous postures. She helped me uncover my weaknesses that I had been trying to overcome with my strengths instead of correcting the root of the problem. After returning to my regular practice, I was quickly achieving poses that I had been working on for months. 



Get ready to transform your yoga your life
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