Yoga Course

2 week yoga course with Jen Kagan

2 weeks to a strong body and calm mind

STARTS March 25th

Now, this the time

Need sleep better?

Want to feel more at ease ?

Want a healthier body inside and out ?

Are you ready to:

  • Dedicate time for your health

  • Handle uncertainty with ease

  • Change your life 

... this course is for you.

I've got you and I can't wait to see you in there! I can't wait to share yoga with you.


What People Are Saying:

I feel so much stronger and instead of getting all riled up in my mind I’ll go do a down dog.  

I started with back pain and after the first few weeks it was gone.  

Jen breaks down the poses into steps that no matter where you are you can do some part of it. I had almost given up and now I have a new perspective of my body.  
I didn’t think I could practice regularly.  And now I am motivated to do something everyday because it feels so good.

 Being accountable to Jen and to the group, this really helped me. Hearing the other people’s questions and roadblocks " Gail Tomanelli

Limited we-are-stuck at-home offer.


Lasts until March 23rd at midnight .

then the course is $70