Are you doing doing and doing  and wearing yourself down?

Does your yoga practice "glow" fade quickly?

Can't start a home practice?

Do you suffer from exhaustion, irritabilty, lack of sleep, headaches and body pain?

You know that something is missing between your life on and off your yoga mat.

Align Your SELF

8 week online intensive

What would you do to significantly improve your physical and mental health?

What would it mean to connect to yourself compassionately and improve all the relationships around you?

An 8-week online program 

an inspired and creative home practice to take you beyond your limiting beliefs and integrate the wisdom of yoga in your daily life.

An innovative 8-week online program with personal mentorship and community support.


Thematically designed practices with reflective prompts and questions to deepen your understanding. 

Each week builds the understanding and helps you discover hidden aspects of yourself.

Weekly challenges to move past stubborn obstacles.

Practical exploration of Yoga sutras for your practice and life.

Your own personal mentor to guide you along the way.

Community of travelers on this path to be more integrated and happy.

Techinques and guidance  to create a inspiring home practice that improves your life off the mat.

Breakdown of poses to help you understand your own body.


  • Have been practicing yoga and feel that your life hasn't really changed much

  • Are stressed out and don't know how to change.

  • Are committed to improving your relationship to yourself and others.

  • Want help to develop a home practice

  • Don't live near a good yoga teacher

  • Live near a yoga studio but want to take your practice to a deeper place than just the physical

  • Understand that mentorship is a key to moving past mental and physical obstacles


"Body is the bow, asana is the arrow, the soul is the target"

 BKS Iyengar

You will   

  • Make significant links between your practice on the mat with your life off the mat

  • Develop a playful, creative home practice

  • Learn how to sequence a practice to support your physical and emotional state

  • Learn creative variations of poses for your needs.

  • Learn how to sequence a practice.

  • Learn how to approach poses that you never thought you could do

  • Support your self with compassion and understanding.

  • Identity limiting beliefs and set yourself free.

  • Free yourself from unnecessary stress​.

  • Improve your relationship with yourself friends and family

  • Cultivate patience 

  • Learn tools to immediately reduce stress


  • Improve concentration and focus

  • Feel light and free

  • Sleep better

  • Remove pain

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Reduce fear and anxiety and increase courage

  • Improve your relationships