February 2020

Is India Calling you?

If you have landed here, yes India is calling you!

I just learned about this chance to study with Devki for a week in Bellur so this trip is in the planning stages, based on  YOUR interest.

  • A rare opportunity to study with a senior Iyengar teacher, Devki Desai for one week at the BKS Iyengar center in Bellur

  • Go with someone who loves and knows india

  • Visit tourist sites and off the beaten track sites

  • Make personal connections

  • 3 nights in an Ayurvedic spa (optional)

  • The itinerary is designed for you to have time to explore.

  • Based on last years tour, price is approximately $2000-3000


I'm sure you have questions so fill the form below to schedule a conversation. Let's see if this is right for you

I take no more than 10 people.

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