I feel so much more expansion in my body and my mind.  And I feel much more stable and aware in every part of my life. And my heart is more open


I learned to be less of a perfectionist and befriend myself. 



Jen is an excellent teacher. It’s like she is right there! 


I made so much progress! I’ve been practicing for so many years and yet I heard things that really transformed my practice.


I joined to open up my hips and then I started to seeing how the program improved my life.


I feel so much stronger and instead of getting all riled up in my mind I’ll go do a down dog.  


I started with back pain and after the first few weeks it was gone.  


Jen breaks down the poses into steps that no matter where you are you can do some part of it. I had almost given up and now I have a new perspective of my body.  

I didn’t think I could practice regularly.  And now I am motivated to do something everyday because it feels so good.


 Being accountable to Jen and to the group, this really helped me. Hearing the other people’s questions and roadblocks 


In my life, I am now able to see what I can control and not control. I’m a lot more a peace.  I used to grip a lot in my poses and my life. I can be very stubborn. Now, I can let go and see a different perspective. My relationship with my partner is so much better!  



 You should do this program. There is no way you can’t benefit from it. 

Gail T.