Come Back to Your Self

 San Miguel de Allende


Are you suffering?

Always on edge feeling irritable and jumpy and losing control?

Unable to connect with yourself or others like before?

Having a constant feeling a sense of doom?

Having panic attacks in the middle of a regular day?

Tossing and  turning and not sleeping?
Is your heart racing all the time?  

Your nervous system is on alert, in survival mode. It needs to reset and rest in order for you to thrive and feel like yourself again. 

These are commom symptoms of stress that arise after a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a loss such as a divorce or any sudden change in your life situation. Unattended, these symptoms can compound and cause mental and physical stress for years. 

The practice of yoga asana and pranayama are proven techinques to help reduce the effects of these stressors including releasing the tensions deep within the tissues of our body's memory.  

  • Feel more calm and peaceful when navigating uncertanity. 

  • Go through your day without feeling a sense of panic.

  • Not feel overwhelmed by emotions.

  • Feel safe and secure in your surroundings.

  • Connect to yourself  and able connect to those around you.

It is for 10 students only.
If you are

  • Fed up with the roller coaster of anxiety

  • Ready to explore and release that which is blocking you from being your true self.  

  • Open to trying new ways to reset your state.

  • In good physical health

  • Ready to make a significant life in you and those around you

This 3 day workshop is ideally set in the healing arms of  San Miguel de Allende in a tranquil, light-filled private yoga studio.

If you are suffering from any of the below, it's time to reset your nervous system and stop living from a place of stress and anxiety and fear. Instead, uncover the roots of all this emotional up and down and feel more at ease in the most uneaseful moments of life.

You won't go back home the same!

You will return home with a better understanding of yourself with practical and joyful techinques to use at home for maintaining a balanced nervous system including specific sequences of asana and pranayama to relieve current stressors and help avoid long-term effects. Through deep reflection through writing and meditation, you will be able make choices and significant changes.

If you are ready to live with more peace and tranquility on a daily basis, let's talk and find if this is right for you


April 27-29

Friday 5-8pm
Saturday 9-12, 3-6pm
Sunday 9-12pm

Asana, Pranayama, Journaling, Meditation, Meditation walks in Charco de Ingenue.

Healthy snacks and delicious locally sourced lunches provided.

*Workshop will be taught in English by Jen but all discussion or questions can be conducted in Spanish.



*accomodation not included in registration

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