The art of textiles and the breath

adventure delicious food delicious smell Dec 08, 2020


Anokhi how I love you. Lovely afternoon amongst the textiles of my favorite store.


I'm taking this time in Pune much differently. This is a time to learn. In the past, it has been acquiring and trying to get out as much as I possibly could and keeping up with the Jones'. The message here is so different or maybe it's what I'm hearing this time. In Pranayama class, Navaz encouraged us to watch our own breath without competition. "If your breath comes to your sternum, ok. To your upper chest, Ok. It doesn't matter where or how far just be with your own breath." Sometimes the technicalities, can turn something so artful and personal like pranayama into a very intellectual and muscular experience. With only the necessary words, she guided us deep within.


After Prashant's class, a group of regular local students gathered across the street and excitedly summarized their experiences of the class. They chattered over each other brimming with excitement. It was palpable and infectious.


Prashant had said that we all have our own unique wisdom given to us and we are to use that in order to do what we have come into this world fully capable and prepared to do. The breath is the conduit of this wisdom and yoga its self will show you what you are meant to do. Any doubt that comes up is just an obstacle because we have all we need. Sometimes, you go off an another path a teacher becomes a businessman or vice versa and you are not happy until you are following what you are meant to do. No one can assess this inner wisdom, only you yourself.


Each person in the hall whether big or small, fit or fat, able or unable are unique and perfect beings with their own wisdom guiding them. With an intensity, he stepped slightly forward and if it was as if in that moment each person's eternal flame ignited like the votive candles in church in the mountains of Chiapas.


He continued on a bit and ended the class with a twist of humor. "Ok, Pack up the room and if you didn't get it this time, best of luck next class"


The room slowly emptied but then across the street a gaggle of illuminated students shared amongst one another. After a bit, we parted, walking slightly above the ground.


A perfect completion to the morning was a delicious cup of lemon grass chai and homemade snacks and sweets with Gaya, Devki, Jennie and Harshini who I met years ago on my very first trip to India. Full circle.

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