friend home hotel painted in Dec 08, 2020

I have arrived in Pune. It's been almost three years and yet it feels wonderfully the same. The yoga hall is painted a cream white. This is a huge change from the lime green that was probably first painted in 1975.


I'm here with my friend Jennie. Yes, this will cause some confusion as I'm usually called Jenny in India and Mexico. Jennie and I met here in Pune, at the Chetak Hotel to be exact, sipping their ginger chai in 2008. And now, we are roommates and have already had ummm about 6 cups of said chai. I'm so happy to be here with an old friend and one who has a much more relaxed attitude about the time here. For me, I'm going to focus much more on my experience than a pressure to accumulate knowledge. The knowledge I will accumulate is via my own practice and my own experience. One can get quite caught up with extra classes and observations and assisting. I tend to want to drink it all, exhausting myself. But because she has not seen so much, I will show her some excellent places to eat Thali, shopping and some other diversions.


Prashant's class this morning was absolutely perfect. He asked us to purge all that was unnecessary in the mind and body. So, I did. Gone! He asked us to do for a purpose not just to do, to connect oneself to oneself, to integrate the mind body and breath into a perfect harmonious balance. He asked us to watch the effect and purpose of breath in various parts of the body. Even my jet lagged mind sharpened when I focus on the sternum. And my mind resisted the effort of my shoulder blades when in Ropes 1, and my vision and mind expanded when I focused on breathing in and by my eyes.


What are you doing? How is is affecting you? What action is useful what is unuseful? What is it's purpose and are you using your mind, body and breath in a way that is effective for what you are doing?


So many wonderful Prashant-isms. I caught them in the way I could remember them so not exactly in his words.

The sensory mind is not sensible. Yoga is so known and popular but utterly misknown. Holiday is not at all a Holy Day.What are you doing for you, in you, by you, for yours, by yours? We are devolving because we are always looking for the spice of life. A horse is evolving as he eats his grass and sticks with that instead of looking and searching for more. (Yep, always knew Mika and my old cat Fergus were way more evolved then me) We are making things simple and simpler and the simplest until it is for a simpleton.


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