Musings of Prashant with little comment

iyengaryoga prashant yoga Dec 08, 2020

Musings from Prashant.

Very few comments, Just things that struck me. Granted, classes this week are three hours long and my ability to remember everything is near impossible. I even fell asleep in Supta Padanghustasana 1. How is that possible!!!


Without reflection it is just a physical activity. If that is the focus -perfection of poses or the intensity of form this leads to pride and arrogance which then leads those to belittle others.

stop and think on this one. Lately, I really am thinking of so so many who fall into belittling others.


Intensity of form instead of focus on Intensity of Quality.

i.e. Quantity over Quality.


Alter the confinement of breath, the pace of breath either inhale or exhale and watch and observe what happenes.


Narrate, like a sports commentator what is happening in your body, in your mind. Be reflective. Know why you are doing something and the purpose. Don't just follow instructions blindly, make the connections yourself.


Be creative!


In Dog pose are you using your hands or just doing the hands. If you are using them what is their usage and how does it affect the arms, shoulder blades etc..


Are you doing and doing or are you using and observing the usages. This will improve your own ability to reason.


When you exhale and move the shoulder blades in what happens to the mind? You know that lifting the sternum is good but what does it do? It lifts the sprits -do it and feel it!


Adjustments are not corrections.


There is the act and the activity. If I call you at 2 am to compliment you the act - wanting to call you is good but the activity- doing it as 2 am is not and causing a response.


What are you doing and what are the responses?


"I am taking class." This implies that you are taking and taking but isn't or shouldn't there be also a giving that occurs when you are learning? What mind-set are you in when you say, I'm taking a class? What if you said I'm learning or I'm doing or I'm participating? How would this shift your mind-set?



You are all doing and doing. We stay busy. Keep active. Activity of this sort, to avoid or stave off something is just distraction and busy-ness

Makes me think of when I or others are "keeping busy" - and how this filling of space without reflection is like filling a plate with food because the plate is empty and then feeling sick afterwards.


There is a bus load of people and someone says "oh, no my wallet has been stolen!" And so another person suggests everyone get off the bus and all people be checked and all luggage be checked. Nothing is found. When everyone returns to the bus there is one empty seat. This was the person who started the investigation. This person started all the distraction and was able to take off, unscathed and with a wallet full of money. We get distracted and let the pickpocketer get away with a crime.


Religion is an experience. I'm not asking you to believe anything or accept anything, I gave you an experience.


Memory can be helpful or unhelpful. If in doing a pose we call into our memory Guruji what happens to the pose and your state of mind? If you recall what you had for dinner last night what happens to the pose? What state your mind is in had a direct effect on your experience.



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