I diverge to the yoga of FOOD!

earth philosophy planet prashant Dec 08, 2020


Just a few light Sunday. morning thoughts that come out of our philosophy talk with.

Did you know that the earth has had a limited time of existence but what we understand as life, as human is eternal? So where were we before earth came into being? What planet did you come from?

All your memory from past lives not to mention when you were 1-2 months is stored in the manomaya kosha- so to remember one has to tap into that layer of your mind to reach those memories. Is this where dreams live? Or what gets tapped in Past life regression work? (see below)


Now, food.


Yesterday, we had this incredible lunch south indian cuisine of idlys, masala dosa and palak (spinach) dosa. If you don't know what a dosa is, you are missing out on life. A lentil crispy thin crepe that is filled with potato goodness. Then dinner we moved up north and had an incredible meal of basmati rice, garlic nan, cauliflower roasted with green masala, peas (mutter) methi with cashew gravy and then paneer that my friends ate. At the end, we were served a digestive that had, we think, mint, buttermilk maybe but I usually hate it and this was rather tasty. Full and satisfied the day ended.


The morning started with a delicious bowl of pohe which is a breakfast rice meal that includes cilantro, lemon, chili, nuts and it just delicious and with a pot of ginger tea. (see the photo) Chetak hotel is a simple hotel that just has the best food or maybe it's just become a familiar place to enjoy tea . The toast, though made with white bread is just the right amount of toastedness and butter. I have slipped a bit from no dairy due to the fact that tea without milk is just hard to find. But I must admit my belly would prefer no milk. Next week is another week.


My good friend Gaya made us lunch at home. Moringa stalks in a delicious dal with kokum, a sour fruit like tamarind or sweet tarts, long beans with the black bean shoots - so before the beans mature, cabbage, a mango pickle that was so delicious and sour, pickled with a sweet tinge and spicy sauce, roti and chai.


Then we took a walk around a beautiful lake with a waterfall where a gaggle of geese and white headed ducks dipped down past the catfish looking fish to bring up a tasty morsel for her red headed baby. Couples sat at benches deep in conversation. A young woman, pregnant with child posed with her husband while a photographer took her picture. The sun hit the trees turning their trunks orange in the setting sun. What a peaceful oasis from a very noisy city (check out some videos I've posted on the Jen Kagan yoga facebook page.)


A Bollywood film was a thought but we needed to find a really stupid one so we could follow. Gaya, determined we would not stoop so low searched for a well reviewed movie with subtitles. But, we decided to stay at home and get ready for Prashant at 7 am. I get tired around 8:30pm due to a daily 3:30-4am natural wakeup time.


Hope you enjoyed a diversion into my other passion of India- food and good friends.

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