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breakfast meal delicious food meditation Dec 07, 2020

Following our time in Pune with the magical Devki moving us to places so deep into ourselves, deep into a pool of love that moved just about everyone. Her niece taught us to move our bodies to the beat of Indian folk dance. And Gaya, her daughter took us to the center of Pune and opened my eyes up to the culinary delights of the markets and the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted. Pohe, my new favorite breakfast meal- flattened rice, peanuts, coconut, cilantro, and a fireworks of tastes.



And by far the most delectable cup of chai laced with lemongrass.


Then we traveled to the caves of Ellora and Ajanta. Words can not describe what it feels like to enter this deep and ornately carved caves (100’s of them) some with paintings from 2000 years ago still brightly exhibited on the walls. The human feat and the sense of spirit in these caves of meditation is indescribable.


It’s been about 8 years since I’ve been to Kare Ayurvedic Clinic. I chose it as the end of the first tour of India I planned because I remember the feeling of cleaning out my mind and body before returning home.



Today I was naked except for a worthless, flimsy piece of fabric sprawled out on a wooden slab and covered in oil. I literally feel all the toxins being massaged, rubbed and drawn out of my body. In the afternoon, I was pummeled with a hot poultice of herbs.


As expected, everyone loves it. As expected, people are falling sick. Some came here with colds from running around Pune doing way too much not realizing how intense it is to practice yoga. And others once massaged with warm oil and pounded with a heated herb poultice and eating well for one day, have had all sorts of things come up.


What better place to be with a complete staff watching and caring for your every move.



The benefits of yoga are experienced when it’s a daily practice, this is being realized by all the students. Their faces have literally transformed over the last few days.


Every year I come to India, I am transformed. The depth of this subject is unimaginable. Going within, knowing yourself, facing the pains and illness that comes up are all the ways to become more undisturbed with the trials of life. Prashant said to me when I asked him about the disease of doubt that the more I go inside the less I will be affected by others.


As always it’s trip of surprises. Laura and I went to a meditation presentation at KARE and my skepticism over a recorded guided meditation with cheesy music melted away as it transported me into a process forgiveness and a connection to the existence of a feeling of unconditional love. This sounds crazy, I know but this is what happens when you open your mind and go past the cheesy music and the guidance mostly in Hindi and take a step inside. Then, my newly found friend, Shanti’s father arrived to pick her up. When introduced to him, the first thing he said to me was “SIT!” And so I did. He is a direct descendent from the Sikh Guru prophet and is a face reader. If I were to share what he said, it wouldn’t express how I felt in the moment. You'd be saying "oh he says that to everyone. I'm a skeptical person and that keeps me from experiencing many things. This otherworldly man saw directly through me and and seemed to know exactly the struggles I have and the inner guidance I’ve been trying to listen to. You couldn’t plan this experience.















I come away with a deeper focus on the importance of practice, a clearer awareness of what distracts me from myself and my practice, the importance to help people discover the healing powers of the practice of Iyengar yoga and the need to encourage those open to the importance of a daily practice. Many things will meet us on our path of life emotional upheavals, loss, grief, illness, age, disease - these are inevitable to have the ability to help yourself and heal yourself is priceless

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