Your Personal Yoga Retreat

Visitors to San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is in the heart of Mexico. A beautiful high desert town rich with history and art and the MOST gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen. With our sense of time, you literally SLOW DOWN.

Are you craving undivided TIME to delve DEEP into a yoga practice?

Have you been thinking about starting yoga but just don’t have the time or know where to go?

Are you prepared to GIFT to yourself the time to SLOW DOWN and CONNECT?

Studying yoga requires courage. I have personally seen students make leaps and bounds when they commit to regular practice while on vacation in San Miguel.  Therefore, I don’t offer drop in classes but instead offer programs individually designed for those who understand that a level of commitment is required to see any significant improvement or learning. 

Just “taking classes” here and there with no consistency and with different styles of yoga and teachers never gives you the time to truly sink your teeth into the benefits of a yoga practice. Once you go beyond concept of yoga class and instead think of this as a PRACTICE, things truly begin to shift.

For instance, that stiff hip actually starts to open, you finally find balance on one leg, you feel the benefits of yoga on your mind and body on a DAILY BASIS.

If you are here 1 week or 6 months, I create a YOGA PROGRAM just for you that keeps you on track towards your goal. We set your schedule before you arrive and therefore you know you will stay consistent and leave San Miguel having made real progress.

My  first time to San Miguel I did just that!  I practiced every morning and relished a schedule-less afternoon wandering the cobblestone streets, peaking in galleries and visiting el mercado.  Only one thing would have made it even better, a teacher dedicated to my aim.

Individualized programs are great for those who 

  • Have been curious about yoga but have never tried it.

  • Find those  big classes intimidating

  • Want to delve deeper into your practice and need undisturbed time to do so.

  • Value the attention and focus of a teacher on their development

  • Have a specific issue they want to address

  • Have an injury or condition that requires a skilled teacher.

  • Have a regular Iyengar practice or who have worked with me before.

  • Families, wedding parties or groups of friends that want yoga to be a central guiding factor of their vacation.

I commend your courage. I keep you on track and on schedule so that you leave San Miguel  more connected, stronger, more relaxed and balanced.

Your program can include:

  • group session once or twice a week

  • private session once or twice a week for focused individualized attention

  • handouts to support developing  a home practice

  • clear, progressive instruction to understand your body better

  • Skype support for when you return home to transition you back

  • my personal commitment towards achieving your goals

I personally recommend such other services to support your program such as acupuncture, chiropractic, body work and homeopathy. I help you chose the right provider and schedule it into your program.

Pricing varies depending on length of time and structure of program.

If you are ready to integrate yoga into your time in San Miguel and get stronger, more flexible and healthier schedule a free phone consultation and we can discuss your goals and create a program for you.

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