Online Beginners course March 25th-April 3rd

We are in uncertain unknown times. It's stressful. Now, more than ever you need yoga  for your mind, body and spirit. 

Feeling overwhelmed?  Cooped up? Stressed? Have you been frustrated by other classes? Unsure whether online is possible for you? 


This class addresses exactly what a beginner needs 

  • Step-by-step instruction.

  • Intelligent adaptations. 

  • An understanding of the struggles of a beginner.

  • A perfect balance of challenge and support.


In this 2 week  class  you will learn how and you will be given very clear steps and ways to work with your body. 

  • Cultivate a calm state and strong healthy body

  • Increase confidence and positivity

  • Increase flexiblity

  • Improve digestion, sleep and mental clarity

Studying with Jen

Have you been told "do what you can"  and you have no idea what to do? Have you been frustrated or bored in classes?

I've been teaching for over 15 years and this class is broken down into very simple steps that build on one another. I won't say "do what you can," I will show you how to do what you can.

"Jennifer meets you right where you are.  She’s a great listener and observer of her students, making us comfortable and challenging us . Flexible, tough, and kind, she’s the best kind of teacher." Justine Henning

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What is included

4 Live (recorded) yoga classes each 1 hour and 15 minutes

Live Q & A group class

Archived recorded videos for your use at any time

Downloadable PDF of the class sequences

Bonus audio recordings 

Jen is available to you during the course.


Mat, space and a chair.


Now is the time. Start a practice of yoga now that will serve you for the rest of your life.

March 25- April 3rd


March 25, 27, April 1st, 3rd

10:30am(Mexico City), 9:30am(PST)

Q&A Monday March 30th 10:30am (Mexico City)

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Course format

Week 1 (2 classes) -  Get Strong and Stable. Gain Confidence and Courage

Week 2 (2 classes) - Calm your nervous system. Peaceful Mind.

You will gain these benefits and learn how to maintain them in your life. 

*Reduce physical pain

*Handle anxiety better

*Breathe better 

*Become more aware and develop more confidence

*Improve relationship with yourself and others

FREE videos- check out some classes


Susan Neulist

The extensive training of Iyengar instructors - think 2000 hours not 200 is taken very seriously and far more stringent and encompassing than yoga alliance standards. You are getting the most educated instructors-period. 

Karen Fein

Jen is an amazing teacher!   Each class is thoughtfully developed and distinct from the one before it (unlike some teachers’, who just do the same old thing, week after week). I highly recommend Jen Kagan’s classes for anyone who wants yoga that is refreshing,challenging, and fun.

Miriam Alcala

Came to Jen Kagan class in February 2018 with a worsening back, hip and sciatic problem! Five months later I am 90% better She is an excellent teacher who knows the body and how to do the postures correctly! Best teacher ever and she has a great sense of humor too!

Take control of what you can. Create a healthy body and develop a peaceful state of mind. Learn from a teacher who can teach you.



change your life.