Your Yoga Your Life



Now, more than ever is the time to upgrade your yoga practice to build resilience in an ever changing world. 

An interactive, online immersion course for dedicated yoga practitioners and teachers.
Enrollment is open! Jan 2021


Establish a consistent, inspired practice integrated with the wisdom of yoga and the clarity of the Iyengar method to discover new heights of strength, balance, and confidence on and off the mat.    

Does this sound like you?

  • Haven't practiced as much as you would like 
  • Feel stressed, anxious and ungrounded
  • Feel uninspired in your teaching
  • Crave something more in your practice
  • Have hit some obstacles and don't know how to move forward
  • Want more focus and self-awareness
  • Want a community and teacher to support and guide your practice


Enjoying all  the benefits from a regular practice - a vibrant life and feeling more comfortable in your body and more confidence in your asana practice.

Overcoming obstacles and knowing exactly what and how to practice for your unique physical and emotional needs. 

Feeling grounded, stronger and a greater sense of well being that you carry beyond the mat both for yourself and others.

Improving strength, range of motion and flexibilty.

Understanding the wisdom of yoga and how to apply it in practical ways to improve self-awareness. 

Having a solid understanding of principles and techniques to learn any pose and boost in your teaching skills.

Getting the support you need to achieve your personal goals.

Your Yoga Your Life  

Reach new heights in your practice and your life

Enrollment is now Open

Who is this program for?

  • You are a dedicated yoga practitioner.
  • You want a consistent practice inspired by discovery and exploration.
  • You are a yoga teacher seeking inspiration for your personal practice or practical skills to boost your teaching
  • You want to learn and integrate yoga philosophy into your practice and life. 
  • You want a community to support your practice.
  • You want to learn the principles of Iyengar yoga to empower your practice and/or teaching.

Why You Will Love This Program


Immediate Benefits

With clear demonstration of postures, progressive and precise instruction, personalized direction and consistent practice you will immediately feel stronger, more grounded and more balanced.

Attain A Quiet and Peaceful Mind 

When you are 100% focused on a single point in your physical practice, your mind chatter stops and you experience a true sense of peace which you can take into your life and community. 

Improved Self-Knowledge

Increase your self-awareness through  experimentation, self-inquiry and discovery. In this learning lab, you will become a more more refined and sensitive practitioner. 

Wisdom for Your Life

Yoga philosophy is rich with guidance to improve your life made practical by BKS Iyengar through the practice of asana. Studying and applying the lessons helps you bridge your practice to your life, enhancing it with confidence and meaning.

A Practice that Fits your Schedule

Using my unique template, you will create a schedule of practice that suits your life and experience the benefits without having to leave your home.

Empowered Learning

Learn a practice that fits your body and life. Learn how to sequence a practice with a progressive approach and using props to heal or increase the level of your practice. As a teacher you will learn principles that ground your teaching to help any student that comes to you.

Hi! I'm Jen 

I first began practicing yoga to help my repeitiive injury from my work as a sign language interpreter. 

Years later, living in NYC and stressed out from life in theater, I returned to yoga primarily practicng gym vinyasa classes until I tore my meniscus walking down the subway months after 9/11.  This is when I started Iyengar yoga. It started out as knee therapy and changed my life. But it took me awhile to commit completely.  And when I did I loved the super effective time-honored method rooted in a long lineage.

Once my knee issue was resolved, I drew closer to the deeper benefits of yoga that  have helped me face the curveballs of life (divorce and signifanct losses) and put me on a path of deeper connection with self and others.

In 2010, I threw caution to the wind and followed my heart to the middle of Mexico and this is when my practice went from doing yoga classes to developing a strong personal practice on and off the mat that supports me every day of my life.

You Will...


  • Establish a consistent practice that fits your schedule. 
  • Dive into the Yoga Sutras to enrich your life and practice.
  • Address the gaps in your strength and flexibility. 
  • Learn how to progressively approach every pose.
  • Detangle physical knots and unwind mental stress.
  • Ease back, shoulder, neck, knee pain and practice with more courage.
  • Receive direct feedback and guidance from Jen.
  • Learn how to release stress and become‚Äč more resilient.
  • If you are a yoga teacher,  learn the foundational teaching principles that will take your teaching to new heights.  
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My Approach


Time Honored Method

The teachings of BKS Iyengar make the ideas of the yoga philosophy practical and accessible to all and provide a firm foundation based on intelligent principles for students of yoga for a lifetime.

Interactive Classes

Explorative, dynamic classes with clear and progressive instruction and demonstration that  create a space of creativity and discovery featuring personal live feedback during class. 

Yoga off the Mat

Asana classes rooted in philosophy, study and inquiry as well as unique methods to link practice on the mat to your life off the mat, improving your relationship with self and others.

I was ready to take my Ashtanga practice to the next level.  Jen was able to identify several items at the core of my practice and worked intensively to correct my alignment in numerous postures. She helped me uncover my weaknesses that I had been trying to overcome with my strengths instead of correcting the root of the problem. After returning to my regular practice, I was quickly achieving poses that I had been working on for months. 




I got to know my body again and slow down the aging process‚Äč

I’m never bored in class because the specific focus on the body takes you on a journey and there is just so much voyaging to do!!! The mind is fully connected with the body and the body is working and activated because of it. I have met few teachers with this talent and Jen has it.”  

Amy Torello, jewelry designer 

You Are Not Alone

The Practice of Yoga in Community


A tribe of fellow travelers and seekers on the path of yoga to share discoveries and experiences.


A clear plan at the start of the program and weekly check-in keep you on target.


The live presence of a teacher who provides direct feedback in class and designs class sequences based on your needs and questions.

The shift in alignment that I experienced in Jen's classes was thanks to her impeccable eye for detail and the knowledgeable flow of a well-versed teacher.  It gave me postural self awareness and was complementary to my dance training. I highly recommend anyone seeking a deep relationship with their body to grab hold of this teacher and not let go.

Elsanne Barrows, tribal belly dance teacher

Everything You Get When You Join

  • 4 live classes a week recorded for your convenience including pranayama and restorative class
  • Live personalized  instruction in class post class Q and A to help guide your progress
  • Lifetime access to video tutorials and downloads
  • Sutra study prompts
  • Email Access to Jen during the program
  • Personalized worksheet to schedule your practice
  • 1x a month group Sutra Study
Enrollment is Now Open

Through practice and intensive sessions with Jen, I had the opportunity to quiet my mind and connect with my body. I felt prepared and refreshed with tools to take on a new chapter in my life.

Veronica Emilia Reyes Apostolas

Get Ready to Transform Your Practice and Life


Enrollment is Now Open