Jen Kagan CIYT, IAYT

* New Schedule! I welcome you to a unique yoga studio experience. I want to help you integrate yoga into your life so you live more fully, completely and with more vitality. I want to get to know you via a conversation to guide your program of yoga

  • Increase your strength and flexibiltiy

  • Improve awareness

  • Develop steadiness and equanimity in body and mind.

  • Reduce pain and discomfort

  • Retain and increase vitality

  • Gracefully age

  • Get smarter, yep it's true!



Yo viajo de Querétaro a San Miguel para tomar clases con Jen los domingos por varias razones, en cada clase aprendo algo diferente tanto de las asanas como de mi misma, la manera en la que Jen prepara las secuencias de las asanas nos lleva a realizar  posturas retadoras, Jen me impulsa a ir más allá de los límites que yo me he impuesto y en sus clases habla de filosofía. En resumidas cuentas en las clases de Jen he crecido como ser humano, alumna y maestra.

Maricela Aguilar

There is no better teacher dedicated to each student individually than Jen. She also has years of training.

Susan Neulist

Came to Jen Kagan class in February 2018 with a worsening back, hip and sciatic problem! Five months later I am 90% better and have been attending class 3-4 times per week! She is an excellent teacher who knows the body and how to do the postures correctly! Best teacher ever and she has a great sense of humor too!

Miriam Levine-Alcala

The extensive training of Iyengar instructors - think 2000 hours not 200 is taken very seriously and far more stringent and encompassing than yoga alliance standards. You are getting the most educated instructors-period. 
The extensive use of props and yoga theraputics can aid in helping many injuries and various issues. Again, most yoga teachers are not taught such. Yoga is for “every” body and therefore everybody. Iyengar is accessible to all. As true yoga is not about the shape of your body but the shape of your life :)